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Test instructions

Please follow all test instructions carefully. 

Note that measurements for swab insertion (2.5 cm or 1 inch) apply to an adult; for children insert swab only until slight resistance is felt. Oral-nasal swab collection may be easier for children - see detailed instructions below.

Please note also that since we are distributing plastic tubes pre-filled with buffer fluid, the initial tube-filling step should be skipped. 

Store tests in a safe place between 2 and 30 degrees Celsius, preferably with tubes upright to avoid leakage.

** PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO DRINK THE FLUID IN THE TUBES and avoid contact with skin or eyes.**


PDF instructions
provided by StaySafe (you may replace Step 2, with the Oral Nasal Swab Instructions below).

Video instructions for test process (adult swab technique).

Video instructions for oral-nasal swab (child swab technique).

Oral-nasal swab for Panbio validation .

Official Abbott Panbio product manual

Official Abbott Panbio quick reference card

Test instructions: Text

Detailed Instructions

Starter Kit

Each kit includes:

  • 1 individually wrapped test device

  • Extraction tube (blue and white caps) containing the buffer solution fluid

  • Sterilized nasal swab for sample collection (sealed)

  • Instructions for use

Washing Hands

Step 1

Sanitize your hands and work surface. Open the foil pouch containing the test device.


Step 2

Carefully open the nasal swab package (try not to touch the tip).

Adult instructions: 
Tilt your head back 70 degrees. While gently rotating, insert the swab less than one inch (about 2 cm) into the nostril until resistance is met.

Rotate the swab 5 times against the nasal wall. Using the same swab, repeat with the second nostril. Slowly remove the swab.

Alternative Oral Nasal Swab Instructions, recommended for Children:

This is an alternative method of swab collection that has been validated by MGH for use with our antigen screening kits; it may be easier to use and improve accuracy for children. It is the same method recommended for the take-home PCR collection kits.  ** PLEASE DO NOT EAT OR DRINK 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO PERFORMING ORAL SWAB **

  1. Insert swab into mouth and press swab on back of tongue while drawing 5 circles.

  2. Keeping swab in mouth, press swab to inside of one cheek while drawing 5 circles.

  3. Repeat with second cheek.

  4. Insert swab into the front of one nostril and press against the nostril wall while rubbing in circles 3 times.

  5. Repeat with second nostril.


Step 3

Unscrew the blue lid of the extraction tube, being careful not to spill any of the buffer solution and insert the swab.

Swirl the swab tip in the buffer fluid inside the tube, pushing into the wall of the tube at least five times and then squeeze out the swab by squeezing the extraction tube with your fingers.

Break the swab at the breakpoint and close the (blue) cap of the extraction tube, leaving the bottom end of the swab in the tube.


Step 4

Open the dropping nozzle (white) cap at the bottom of the extraction tube and dispense 5 drops of the fluid into the specimen well (labelled with 'S') of the test device (if you can't get 5 drops out
there may be a blockage, gently shake the tube to remove the blockage). Close the tube and dispose.

Do not handle or move the test device until the test is completed and ready for reading.


Step 5

Start a timer. Read the results after 15 minutes. Refer to the following image ("Result interpretations") to read the results. Dispose of the used kit. 

Please note: Do not read the results more than 20 minutes after applying the drops to the testing advice.


Result Interpretations

A "C" (control) line alone indicates a negative result. A "C" (control) line and a "T" (test) line indicates a positive result. A missing "C" (control) line indicates an invalid test.

Caution: the presence of any test ("T") line no matter how faint indicates a positive result.

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