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Report a positive test result

through a secure form hosted by Michael Garron Hospital

Positive test results are reported through a secure form hosted on our partner Michael Garron Hospital's site, the same organization that receives PCR test results done through their testing centre and the school-provided take-home kits. No log-in is required.

By connecting our positive test results to confirmation test results, MGH can assess how well our program is working. By monitoring our program's test results as they come in, MGH can also offer rapid guidance to the school on cohort management strategies.

Our program receives no personal information collected by MGH, only weekly totals of positive test results. 

If your child tests positive on an antigen test, isolate the child and any unvaccinated household members; do not send them to school. In addition to reporting the positive result, seek confirmation testing as soon as possible through a testing centre or using school-provided collection kits.

The form requires you to fill in the following fields:

  • Child's name

  • Child's school

  • Child's grade/class

  • Contact phone number

  • Date of antigen test (our program's tests)

  • Result (for our program, you should only be reporting Positive results, so this should be Positive)

The following fields are optional, but will help MGH connect antigen test results to followup PCR results and better support case and contact management:

  • Name of parent

  • Email address

  • Home address

  • Postal code

  • Child's OHIP number

  • Child's date of birth

  • Child's vaccination status

For children attending Beatty Buddies daycare, please choose "Earl Beatty" as your school, and specify "Beatty Buddies" and your room number as the classroom.

Report a positive test result: Text
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