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Over 250 kids testing 2x weekly

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I test for you, you test for me; together we make our school safer from Covid-19. Let's keep our school safely open as long as possible!

Feeling fine? Time to use asymptomatic testing. Have symptoms, were exposed, or are required to test by school or public health policies? Test at a centre or with school-provided home collection kits.

Get free at-home rapid tests for twice-weekly asymptomatic testing of students attending Early Beatty Junior and Senior Public School or Beatty Buddies.
This is a volunteer, community-led initiative not affiliated with the Toronto District School Board or Toronto Public Health.

Please note: As of March 2022, EBCAT is no longer running due to the province's provision of free rapid tests. Find tests near you here: 

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How it works

Step 1:

Sign up for tests

Register on our site with your contact information, number of children requiring screening testing, and preferred pick-up time.

Step 2: Pick up your tests every week

Pick up your tests from our volunteer organizers, parents in the community, at designated pick-up times.

Step 3: Test your kids twice weekly

Use our rapid tests to test your asymptomatic children with no known exposures for Covid-19 twice a week. All children in the household are eligible, as long as at least 1 attends Earl Beatty or Beatty Buddies. You can use the gentle kid-friendly oral-nasal swab technique used at Michael Garron Hospital.

Our testing program is intended to catch infections that would not otherwise be tested for under school or public health guidelines. If your child has symptoms, a known exposure, or is advised to test under school or public health guidelines, please visit a testing centre or use school-provided home collection kits.

Step 4: Report any positive tests and seek confirmation testing.

Report any positive results through our test reporting page, a secure site hosted by Michael Garron Hospital. Only MGH staff will see individual test results; they will be able to connect positive antigen results to follow-up PCR tests and support decisions regarding cohort management. Reporting positive results also helps us show that the program is working.

If your child tests positive, isolate them and any unvaccinated household members, and seek confirmatory testing at a testing centre or through school-provided take-home kits. Please follow public health and school procedure regarding reporting and isolation requirements.

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